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Scrap Aluminium

Weston Aluminium is the largest recycler of aluminium scrap in Australasia.

We buy all types of aluminium scrap for conversion into aluminium de-oxidant.


De-oxidant is used in the steel making process, to reduce the amount of oxygen present in molten steel. 

This is achieved because aluminium has a high affinity for oxygen and preferentially bonds to aluminium over iron. This aluminium oxide is then skimmed from the melt as a slag.Pucks can be manufactured to any specification required.

De-oxidant Produced

Most forms and specifications of aluminium de-oxidant:

  • Size: 75mm maximum width in any direction.

  • Weight: Approx. 120 grams


  • Size: 40mm maximum width in any direction.

  • Weight: Approx. 55 grams.

The distinctive pyramid shape lends to good penetration into slags and large surface area for complete dissolution.

Base Metal Sows

Weston produces aluminium sows (cast blocks) from metal recovered from processing aluminium drosses.

These sows are available for domestic or export market and are used extensively as feed for production of aluminium alloys.


Aldex is made from the Non Metallic Product (NMP) recovered from Aluminium dross processing. 

Aldex products are used as flux, slag conditioner, desulpherising agent etc in steel making. It is also used in the foundry industry and as a raw material in cement making, refractory production and as an ingredient for flux manufacture.

Aldex grades

Vary from AD5 ( 5% Al metallic ) up to AD50 ( 50% Al metallic) 
Forms of packaging including:

  • 10kg to 20kg paper bags

  • 1 - 2 MT bulker bags

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