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Weston Aluminium has diversified its operations to include the thermal treatment of various hazardous wastes under the name "Weston Thermal Solutions (WTS)".

Using state-of-the-art technology, in conjunction with the strictest emission criteria in Australia, WTS is building a revolutionary and innovative plant in the Hunter Valley.

Material that will be processed includes;

  • Medical Wastes:

    • clinical and related wastes (R100)

    • Pathogenic substances (R110)

    • Pharmaceutical wastes (R120)

    • Wastes from the preparation and use of pharmaceutical products (R140)

  • Quarantine wastes (R150)

  • Research and Development wastes (T100)

  • Other wastes, including:

    • Solvents and paints

    • Pitch sludge residues

    • Oily rags

    • Documents

Current Development Stage: Commissioning - plant and equipment integration, testing/verification, adjustment and optimisation, personnel training and reporting systems development. 

Please direct all Development Enquiries / Complaints to Mr. Christopher McClung

(02 4936 2166;

Related Documents and References are available in "Documents and Downloads"

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