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Weston Aluminium does not use salt or any fluxes when processing aluminium dross and scrap.

This has resulted in a 50% reduction in the generation of waste to landfill and a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Saltless Process for Dross

Weston Aluminium does not produce black dross or Salt slag. The non-metallic by-product from its process does not require further stabilisation as it is classed as 'Non-Hazardous' and can be landfilled. The lack of chlorides in non-metallic particles (NMPs) allows their recycling in various industrial processes such as steelmaking, alumina refining and cement making.

"Cradle to Grave" Solution for SPL (Spent Pot Linings)

WA has developed a cost effective solution for responsilby recycling SPL (both 1st and 2nd cut) into fluxes used by cement, brick, rooftiles and paving industries. 




Weston Aluminium operates the most environmentally advanced aluminium dross plant in the world, with a number of unique controls and extensive monitoring. The plant consistently meets and exceeds the most stringent environmental regulations as set out by The New South Wales Department of Environment & Conservation, The European Union and United Nations Environmental Guidelines. 


Our control systems include the following:

Gaseous Hydrogen Fluoride

An 'In House' designed HF scrubber with efficiency above 99.6% allows Weston Aluminium to achieve the lowest gaseous HF emissions of any secondary aluminium plant in the world of less than 2mg/cubic meter on an hourly average.

Acids, VOC's Dioxins and Furans

An extensive network of baghouses, using the latest environmental technologies allows Weston Aluminium to achieve the lowest emission levels.


Our monitoring systems include the following:

Gaseous Hydrogen Fluoride

The dross furnace stack is continuously monitored using a laser system which records gaseous HF levels every minute, averaging hourly and storing the information. Weston Aluminium is the only HF secondary aluminium plant in the world continuously monitoring gaseous HF.


Weston Aluminium carries out a comprehensive environmental monitoring program covering all points of emission. The monitoring is undertaken by an independent firm. Some emissions are monitored quarterly whilst others are annual. Emissions monitored include Oxides of Nitrogen, Hydrogen Chloride, particulates, Sulphuric Acid mist and Sulphur Trioxide, Carbon Monoxide, gaseous and particulate Hydrogen Fluoride, heavy metals, VOC's, dioxin and furans.


As a result of annual independent monitoring, Weston Aluminium has carried out significant noise attenuation projects resulting in a significant reduction in the overall level of noise being generated at the plant.


Regular testing of the first flush and stormwater dams are carried out to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Safety Management System

Weston Aluminium is committed to protecting the health and safety of all employees and visitors to its site. To enable the promotion of this philosophy the following safety controls have been put in place:

  • Safety Management System

  • Emergency Response Plan

  • Health Surveillance

  • Drug & Alcohol Policy


The company has recently upgraded its Emergency Response Plan to include all current legislation. An Emergency Services Agreement is in place ensuring the local police, fire and ambulance services have an intimate knowledge of the facility in the event of an emergency.

Weston Aluminium has undergone a comprehensive hazard audit to ensure the systems, procedures and equipment used in its operation are in line with current legislation. As a result of this audit, procedures and equipment have been upgraded. A program of continual development has been put in place to ensure that Weston Aluminium achieves best practice in Safety Management. 

The company has established a fully trained OH&S Committee to promote safety and health in the workplace. Employees consult through this Committee ensuring the health, safety and welfare of employees through the implementation of safe systems and practices. 

Weston Aluminium has appointed a full time OHE&S Manager. The OHE&S Manager is responsible for ensuring best practice methods and procedures. 

There is a zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol at Weston Aluminium. To ensure compliance with these levels, routine random drug and alcohol testing has been implemented on site.

Weston Aluminium regularly monitors the health of employees through a program of health surveillance. This includes pre-employment medicals, follow-up medicals, and dust and noise monitoring.

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